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Public symposium of the BioHackathon 2011 will be held at Campus Plaza Kyoto (next to the Kyoto station) on Aug 21.

Live streaming will be available at

Video streaming by Ustream

9:30 Registration opens @ 5F

10:00 Opening remarks

 Toshiaki Katayama  Introduction to the NBDC/DBCLS BioHackathon 2011
 Atsuko Yamaguchi  The Program Concerning Technology Development for Database Integration

10:30 Morning session (long talks)

 Jerven Bolleman  SPARQLing UniProt RDF: Using RDF based technologies to aid biological curation efforts
 Joachim Baran  BioMart introduces semantic-web querying to federated biomedical-scale databases
 Mark Wilkinson  SADI and Semantic Web services

11:45 Group photo

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Afternoon session (short talks 5~10min each)

 Andrea Splendiani  Biomedical semantics in the Semantic Web
 Michel Dumontier  From Triples to Axioms: On the Path to Formalizing Scientific Knowledge
 Matus Kalas  The EDAM ontology of data and methods, and BioXSD
 Trish Whetzel  NCBO Web services and the Development of Semantic Applications
 Vladimir Mironov  RDF Foundry - a call for a community effort to harmonize triple store practices
 Susanna Sansone  BioSharing: data sharing standards, resources and cooperating procedures
 Philippe Rocca-Serra  ISA infrastructure: collecting and managing multi-omics datasets with rich semantics
 Camille Laibe  MIRIAM Registry: annotations and cross referencing framework
     short break
 Erick Antezana  Semantic Systems Biology: enabling integrative biology via Semantic Web technologies
 Robert Hoehndorf  Ontology-based integration and analysis of phenotypes
 Bruno Aranda  PSICQUIC - Standard access to molecular interaction databases
 Kevin Livingston  Modeling and Populating a Large Biomedical Knowledge Base for Genome-Scale Analysis
 Rutger Vos  The Tree of Life as central unifying concept for the integration of phylogenetic knowledge
 Chris Zmasek  Connecting TOPSAN to Computational Analysis via Semantic Web Technology
 Martin Gerner  Large-scale information extraction through text mining
 Pyung Kim  URI Resolution and Management Service with LOD
 Open Bio* projects  Interoperable libraries for the Semantic Web

16:00 Open space discussion

This is an unconference style session: a participant-driven meeting to explore problems to solve during the BioHackathon week. The results of this session will be recorded on a Wiki page.

18:30 Reception @ 2F hall

Note: Registration is required for domestic participants!

20:30 Closing